Fire Fighters came to visit
Our picture of the Firemen
This is the bear


This half term's work

Summer term 2004

Personal and Social

Talking about our own homes. Learning our addresses. Thinking about how we can be a good neighbour. What would it be like to live in a very hot or cold place?

Who has pets at home? How can we be kind to animals and protect them.

Knowledge and Understanding

Thinking about our own homes. What type of home do we live in? What naterials are needed to build our homes?

Finding out about homes around the world. Similarities and differences.

Animal homes. Which animals live where? Looking for animal homes in our school environment.


Dance and movement. Using nursery rhymes to create dances.


Using a variety of materials such as paint, pastels and crayons. Designing and constructing homes out of various materials.

Creating animal homes and making animals out of clay.

Role Play

Music: Developing the children's physical response to music. Developing repetoire of songs


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