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Half Term Fun

As list of suggested activities for the half term week


Here are some suggested activities for the half term week ( please upload anything to Tapestry ) 

1. Make easy homemade playdough

2. Watch a theatre production for free in your living room
Until 31 March, the Unicorn Theatre is streaming a free production of Huddle, a wintry play about a daddy penguin and his chick learning to thrive against the odds. This show has a big thumbs up from us.

Alternatively, brilliant puppet theatre Little Angel is showing The Girl and the Raven, an Icelandic fairytale about a girl who survives a landslide. (Available until January 2022.)

3. Go on a 'painted rock' treasure hunt – or decorate your own pebbles
Ever spotted a beautifully decorated pebble nestled in the sand or underneath a tree stump and wondered how it came to be there? It's all about Love On The Rocks, a community of rock-painting fans who paint pebbles and leave them for others to find.

The UK's Love On The Rocks Facebook group now boasts about 100,000 members, sharing pebble sightings from Bude to Inverness. Enthusiasts post photos of the beautiful rocks they've painted, as well as stones they've found and where

There are also local Facebook groups, so it's worth searching to see if there's one in your area. It's easy to get involved. First, find a pebble – the smoother, the better. Then sketch your design on with a pencil. Get painting – acrylic paints are the best choice for stone, or you could even use pens!

Once finished, just hide your rock for someone to find then get hunting for rocks yourself!

4. Become a nature detective
Escape the hustle and bustle and take a walk through a woodland. Before you go, download the Woodland Trust's nifty British tree identification app (available on iPhone and Android). It helps you identify UK trees by leaf, flower, fruit or bark.

You can also complete Woodland Trust activities. Ideas include outdoor fun such as a minibeast hunt, nature art and more. For rainy days there are craft activities and colouring sheets. See Woodland Trust for full information.

5. Train with The Ballet Coach. 
English National Ballet School-trained dancer Sarah Du-Feu posts brilliant lessons on YouTube, suitable from age three to right up to adult.

6. Get cosy and listen to a story. We also like Storyline Online, where you can listen to a host of famous faces reading storybooks, from Rami Malek to Oprah Winfrey, but most importantly, "ANNA FROM FROZEN!!!"

7. Dig out the family albums
. Kids love checking out family photos and hearing stories –especially as they can't visit friends or family in person.

8. Identify stars with a free stargazing app
Billing itself as a 'free planetarium', the Star Walk 2 app is available on Apple or Android. Point your mobile skyward to reveal the names of stars and constellations, galaxies, asteroids and more. You can even let the app access your camera, so you get an augmented-reality overlay showing what's what. The app also gives info on whatever you spot, so kids will know their meteor shower from their Milky Way in no time.

While this works best in the evenings, you can use it in the daytime too – even if you can't spot the stars, you can see where they should be. It'll even help you spot the sun if the weather's not co-operating.

9. Play a board game
Board games are great for building turn taking skills and also help communication skills by spending time as a family.

10. Listen to an audiobook
Amazon's audiobook-seller Audible has released a collection of audiobooks for free, which it says will be available "for as long as schools are closed". Books include Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Secret Garden and Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter.

11. Do some baking or cooking!
choose your favourites from some of these child friendly recipes 

12. Build a fort and go camping in your living room! Indoor camping - make a fort or tent out of blankets/furniture. Turn off the lights and use torches to explore.

13. Get out your deck of cards
Now's a great time to dust off the playing cards. Go Fish and War are fab starter games which teach number skills too.

14. Enter a competition 
- Reading Challenge is running a 'design a jumper for a mouse' competition for under-13s. The prize is a bundle of Ross Collins books. Closing date is 28 February 2021.

- Milkshake is running a competition which asks kids to 'draw their favourite Milkshake character or presenter on an adventure'. Prizes include Paddington toys, puzzles and DVDs. The deadline's 27 February 2021

15. Tuesday 16th February is Pancake day! Here are some ways you can celebrate:
Look on the internet or in a recipe book for a pancake recipe, write or draw a list of all the ingredients and equipment you will need. 
Make some real pancakes or cut them out of cardboard and have a pancake race! Run from one place to another and back again with your pancake in a frying pan, trying not to drop them! Make it trickier by adding more pancakes or having to flip them as you go.
Try different toppings on your pancake, draw a picture of your perfect pancake and add a label telling me your favourite topping. 

16. Using basic craft materials, like cardboard tubes and boxes, make a puppet show that you can perform
using a torch to create shadows on the wall

17. Gather a selection of colourful items from around the house. Can you arrange them to look like a
giant rainbow?

Most of all relax!!