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Week Beginning 1st March 2021

Home Learning - Monday 1st March 

Good morning Reception! It is the start of a new month, the 3rd month of the year, March. Let's listen to the months of the year song to remind ourselves of the different months of the year
This also means that spring is on its way, have you seen any signs of spring when out and about or from your window? Watch this video to see what some of these signs are.

Today I have uploaded another tricky red word video for you to watch. Have a go at writing this word and see if you can spot it in any of your reading or story books.
Make sure you are practising your sounds everyday using either my videos, the phonics play flashcards game or the flashcards from your home learning packs.
You can also watch the alphablocks and practise saying the sounds and blending these together to make a word.

Continue with the white rose home learning
Today you will be learning about 3d shapes. Here is a song introducing some of the 3d shapes and their names
We call 3d shapes 'solid' shapes. Can you spot any of these solid shapes around your home?
I have included a game for you to have a go, exploring the different features of these shapes such as if they are round or have sides. 

Let's have a go at another oak national acadmey lesson
This lesson is all about aliens. If you don't have any paint at home you could use different collage materials or pencils to draw different aliens.

Here is one of my favourite alien stories
This is a story we will be doing some work on when we come back to school.


Home Learning - Tuesday 2nd March 

Good morning Reception. Only 4 more days of home learning before we are back to school, I cant wait!

Continue practicing your sounds everyday, using either my videos, the phonics play website or the flashcards from your home learning pack.
Today I have uploaded some simple sentences for you to have a go at reading. Do this with your grown up using fred talk to sound out each word, there are some tricky words in there too, see if you can spot and remember these words.


Maths: Today we are continuing to explore 3d 'solid' shapes, watch today's video on white rose maths and then have a go at the activity I have included.  You can also listen to the 3d shapes song which we enjoy listening to in school: 


Topic: On Tuesday's we do p.e with Mr T. Today at home we are going to do some small gymnastics, thinking about the shapes we can make with our bodies. I have included some shapes for you to have a go at but first make sure you have a clear area for your p.e session and make sure you have bare feet or are wearing trainers. Before starting we need to warm up our bodies, you can do this with one of our favourite dances: 



Home learning - Wednesday 3rd March


Happy Wednesday Reception! It is the 3rd day of the week and the 3rd of March, practise your days of the week with this fun song: 


I have uploaded some new words for you to have a go at reading and writing today. When reading use Fred talk and try Fred in your head if you can! When writing ask a grown up to read the word to you and then use Fred fingers to count how many sounds you can hear, then have a go at writing the word. Can you put any of these words into a sentence?


Maths: Continue with the white rose maths home learning  Today you will be printing with 3d shapes; go on a 3d shape around your home and then use the shapes and press these into your playdough (or you can use paint if you have it). What shapes do you notice? Are they solid or flat shapes? Make a list of the shapes you see by drawing them into your learning journal.


Topic: Today let's have a go at another oak national academy lesson :  In this session you will be building a rocket, what shapes can you use? You will also be exploring the differences between a space ship and a rocket, can you record a video telling me what you have learnt?

Here is one of my favourite space books for you to listen to:  Bob has a very interesting job, what would you do if you went to the moon?


Home learning - Thursday 4th March (World book day)


Good morning reception, today is a special day because it is world book day. World book day is a celebration of reading and sharing stories.

This year the whole school is going to be looking at the book; 'What the ladybird heard' by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. You can listen to the story here: 

You can also watch this video of the illustrator Lydia Monks talking about the story and showing you how to create a puppet theater, you can use old shoeboxes or pieces of cardboard, like Lydia does in the video, or something different to bring your scene to life. . 

There are lots of fun crafts to do with ladybirds why not give one a try?  You can also have a go at making a wanted poster for Hefty Hugh or Lanky Len just like we did during our helpful heroes topic.

Some people like to celebrate world book day by dressing up as their favorite story character, who could you dress up as?

My favourite story is 'Five minutes Peace' by Jill Murphy. Take a photograph of you with your favourite book can you explain why you like the story?
Can you create a poster showing me your favourite book, you could draw some of the characters or have a go at copying the front cover.


Home learning - Share a story


Here is a link to some lovely videos for you to share with your children.


"Take ten minutes to share stories with your little ones. Our Share A Story Corner videos have familiar characters and easy to follow stories, and tips for reading together. Look at the pictures together, guess what the characters are up to and ask your child what they think will happen next. Your child will soon be asking to read together again and again!

It’s never too early to read stories with your child and spending just ten minutes every day enjoying books together can make a BIG difference to their development. Sharing stories boosts creativity and imagination, improves wellbeing, is a positive experience for parents, carers, guardians, grandparents – everyone! – and is great fun!" 


Home learning - Friday 5th March


Good morning Reception! Today is your last day of home learning before we are back on Monday.

Today I would like you to reflect on our home learning and prepare your Home Learning Books and any other work you have done to bring in and show me on Monday, I cannot wait to see what you have done.

Today I would also like you to think about what has been your favourite part of home learning and draw a picture in your books to show this. It might be doing your school work in your pajamas, going for walks, watching my videos or getting to stay in bed a little bit longer!

Thank you to the children who have been sharing their work with me regularly and to the children who have attended the ZOOM story sessions. I have loved seeing you.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to your parents! You have done so well becoming teachers for the last 2 months and you should be proud of yourselves.

Join us at 2pm today for our final ZOOM story session 

Meeting ID: 954 0166 1574

Passcode: story

Lastly make sure you have a nice restful weekend ready for school to start again on Monday, I cant wait! See you soon!
Miss O'Reilly