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Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Home Learning - 11th January


Good morning Reception, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.



I will be uploading some more videos soon as I am in school all of this week. In the meantime continue to practise your sounds everyday.

Your challenge for this week is to write your name at least once everyday! This could be copied from a grown up, traced over or written independently. I would love to see your work so please upload to Tapestry.



Please continue with the White Rose daily maths videos.

This week we are moving on to look at the numbers 6,7 and 8! 

Go on a number hunt, can you spot these numbers in your home?

In class we often use number blocks to support our learning. Here is the episode introducing number 6



This week we are beginning to think about our new topic 'Helpful Heroes'. To start the topic the first Hero we will be thinking about is doctors and nurses. Discuss with your grown up what a doctor or nurse does? How do they help you? Have you ever been to see a doctor or nurse? 

Have a go at drawing a picture of a doctor, what things do they need to help them do their job?

This Topsy and Tim episode can help support your discussion with your child.


Home Learning - 12th January


Good morning Reception, I hope you are all keeping well. I am very busy in school at the moment getting ready some packs of different activities for you to collect in the next week.
I am really enjoying seeing all of your work on Tapestry, well done, keep it up!
Tapestry has been very slow the last few days so I am struggling to upload my videos, I have been told they are trying to increase their capacity so hopefully it will improve soon.
Have a lovely day!
Miss O'Reilly

Until I can upload my new videos you can always re watch some from last week, particularly practising your sounds.
Please continue to use the phonics play website as these activities are perfect for recognising sounds, blending and segmenting.

Continue to watch the white rose daily maths videos.
Yesterday you watched a numberblocks episode all about the number 6.
Here are some activities to support your learning.

Some Insects have 6 legs. Draw a picture of a ladybird.Can you give it 6 legs? Can you give it 6 spots too?

Benjamin Bear went to the shops. He bought a book, a ball, an apple, a cake, a pen and a hat. How many things did he buy altogether? Try drawing some pictures to help you work out the answer.

Have a look at a reading book. Can you find the page numbers? Can you find page 6? Where else at home can you find the number 6?

Have a look at a dice. You could use one from a board game or make one out of paper. Can you count how many sides it has? Can you find the side that shows six spots? Play a game with a grown-up. Take turns to roll the dice 6 times each, who can roll the most 6s?


On Tuesday's at school we do P.E with Mr T. Today I want you to get active! This could be going for a walk or using your bike or scooter. You can also get active at home. In the mornings we enjoy doing our wake and shake silly dances, here are some of our favourites  ( Youtube search Koo Koo kangaroo: Awesome Rainbows)  (Youtube search Koo Koo kangaroo: Get yo body movin  (Youtube search Koo Koo kangaroo: Dino stomp


Home Learning - 13th January


Happy Wednesday Reception! I cant believe we are halfway through another week already! It has been strange being in our classroom without you but I am so impressed by all of the fantastic learning you have been doing at home. Keep up the good work!


Please continue with all your fantastic phonics work using phonics play! Here is a lesson taught by the creators of our phonics program:  An important part of phonics is using our listening skills, go outside on a walk or open a window, what can you hear? Draw a picture of all the things you can hear.

Please continue with the white rose daily maths activities.

Moving on to look at the number 7, here is a numberblocks episode all about the number 7  There are 7 colours of the rainbow, can you think of them all and create a rainbow.

Jigsaw Jeanie is not feeling too well and I had to take her to the doctors. Can you create a get well soon card for her?
Think about when you are feeling poorly, what helps to make you feel better?

I have also added two nursery rhymes about a doctor. Have a go at singing these rhymes, you can use the words or find them on youtube.

I have also begun to explore how we can use Purple Mash which the older children use in reception. I have attached our class login details and have set 2 activities for you to have a go at. Let me know how you get on!


Home Learning - 14th January

Good morning Reception. I really enjoyed seeing some of you on our zoom storytime session with Mrs Rothery, yesterday! Today Miss Bell will be reading a story and I will be logging on to see you all!

Please continue to use the phonics play website and revise the videos I have created. In the home learning packs you will be collecting today I have included some flashcards so you can practise your sounds everyday!

Please continue with the white rose maths sessions. Yesterday we watched the numberblocks seven. Here are some challenges for you to have a go at today.
There were 6 flowers growing in a garden. If 1 more is added, how many flowers are there altogether?

Have you seen a rainbow before? Rainbows can appear when it is sunny and rainy at the same time. There are 7 colours in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark blue) and violet (purple). Draw or paint a picture of a rainbow. Can you include all 7 colours?

Ask a grown-up to help you look at a calendar or diary. Can you count the days of the week? How many are there?
Can you write a list of the different days?

On the Planet Seven, the aliens all have 7 eyes! Can you create a model or a picture of an alien to live on Planet Seven? You could use playdough, empty packaging, or draw or paint a picture of your alien. Make sure you count the eyes very carefully!

Yesterday I created a video showing you around purple mash, today I would like you to have a go at using the paint features on purple mash and save this work to your folder!
You can also explore some of the 'people who help us' activities, pinned in our classroom on mini mash.


Home Learning - 15th January

Happy Friday Reception! I hope you are still doing well and enjoying your home learning packs. I would love to see any photos of what you have been getting up to. So please upload to Tapestry!
Today's storytime will be with one of the year 2 teachers Mrs Mayes, who covered in our class one of the days I was away. I look forward to seeing you there!
Have a lovely weekend!


I have uploaded the Friday Phonics challenge so please have a go at that. Alongside this please continue to practice your sounds by using my videos and phonics play. You are doing great!


Maths: Please continue with the white rose maths daily maths videos  Today you will be looking at one more and one less. I have included the activity from today's session on this post.


Alongside this we can also move onto to look at the number 8. To begin with watch the numberblocks episode introducing number 8 

What do you notice about the number eight, how is he different from the other number blocks?
Can you draw a picture of him? Remember to count his arms and legs!



To finish our week of thinking about Doctors watch the story of 'Zog' or 'Zog and the flying doctors' on BBC iplayer and have a go at some of the activities or ideas in the pack I have included under this post. Can you create your own Doctor Bag? What does Princess Pearl use to treat some of her patients?