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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Home Learning - 18th January

Good Morning Reception, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
I enjoyed seeing some of you on our zoom story time with Mrs Mayes on Friday. Today Miss Greene our Nursery teacher will be reading a story, I look forward to seeing you there!

I hope you have all been enjoying your home learning packs including the playdough. Here is a dough disco video for you to have a go at! Playing with pkay dough helps to strength the muscles in our hands ready for writing! 

Please continue with your daily sounds practice using both my videos and the phonics play website/app. In your home learning packs I included a name tracing sheet, please make sure you do this everyday as practice makes perfect!
In your packs are also some flashcards of your sounds, have a go and see if you can make some words using these cards such as c-a-t or b-i-n.

Maths: This week on the white rose website is activity week! There are lots of fun winter themed maths activities for you to have a go. Like the one included in this post.  Last week you watched the numberblocks for number 8 and you met the octoblock! Here are some activities to support your learning of the number 8.

Spiders have 8 legs. Make a model spider using playdough, paper or empty packaging. You could use an empty yoghurt pot or section of egg box, or
playdough and pipe cleaners. Count the legs carefully as you add them to your model. We would love to see your model spiders!

Octopuses are sea creatures. Can you find out why the number 8 is special for an octopus? Draw a picture of an
octopus to show what you find out.

There were 10 apples growing on a tree. If 2 fall to the ground, how many would be left on the tree? Draw a picture to help you work out the answer.

Topic: This week we are moving on to think about the police and how they help us. I have included a powerpoint for you to use with your grown ups. Listen to the story 'What the Ladybird heard' by Julia Donaldson 

The Ladybird was very helpful to the police and helped catch the robbers! Sometimes the police use wanted posters to help catch criminals. Can you design your own wanted poster for one of the criminals in the story or you can make up your own theif!
I have included a wanted template or you can make your own.
Remember to include a reward!


Home Learning - 19th January


Good Morning Reception. I hope you all enjoyed your story time with Miss Greene yesterday, I certainly did! Today it is my turn to read a story and I would like to see as many Reception children as possible please!

Phonics: I have uploaded a video of a word time lesson for you to have a go at so please do! It is important for us to practice our blending and segmenting as much as possible to help with our reading skills. If you would like to practice your reading the Oxford Owl website has a free ebook library for parents to use. We are currently working on Lilac, pink and red level books. 

Please continue with your daily sounds practice using either my videos or the phonics play website/app.

Maths Continue with Activity week on white rose, I have included one of the activities in this post.  You can also practice your recognition of the numbers we have learnt so far. Here are some activities to try:

Go on a number hunt around your home or even on a walk! You could look at door numbers, food packets, telephones, the remote control, clocks, books or magazines! You could take photos of each number you find or write them down. Can you find the numerals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

In a shallow tray or plate of sand/flour/glitter/salt/sugar use your finger to write the numerals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Challenge a grown up or sibling to identify the number. Then swap so the other person writes the numeral and you identify the number!

I have included some fun challenges for you to have a go at at home! I’d love to see pictures of anything you do!


Home Learning - 20th January

Happy Wednesday Reception! I really enjoyed seeing some of you on the zoom storytime yesterday, I hope you enjoyed my story.
You are all doing so well with your home learning, I am very proud of you!


I have uploaded another word time lesson for you to have a go at. Practice makes perfect so you can also go back and watch any of the other videos I have uploaded. Or you can challenge you grown up to give you some different words to write.

Continue with the activity week on white rose.
I have also attached a challenge for you to have a go at to practice your counting skills. You will be counting different items in the picture which cannot be moved.
You could then have a go at drawing your own picture and include 6 of one thing in your picture such as 6 flowers, 7 of one thing in your picture such a 7 people and 8 of one thing such as animals! Remember to count each time you draw to check the amount!


Topic: In my storytime zoom yesterday I read 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. Here is the story incase you missed it  Here are some Bear Hunt themed activities for you to have a go at: Draw a picture of your favourite teddy bear If you could search for any animal with your family what would it be? Where would you go? What would you do when you found it? Draw a map of the hunt you might go on. Can you think of some different sounds for the bear hunt? What sounds would the family make if they were going through a thunderstorm, along the beach, or through a tunnel?


Home Learning - Thursday 21st January

Hello Reception! I hope you are all doing well and continue to be Holdbrook Heroes!

You are all doing so well with your phonics practise! Continue with your daily sounds practice, using my videos and the phonics play app. I have included some words for you to start learning this week. In school they are our 'tricky red words'. These are words that we cant fred talk or sound out so we just have to learn them.
Start with the word 'I', can you find it in any of your books? When we right I we draw a stick man then give him shoes and a hat.

Maths: Please continue with the white rose activity week. To continue practising your counting skills you can also have a go at this online game  Start with counting how many 1-5 then move onto 1-10. If you want to you can then move on to counting out, 1-5 Numbers then 1-10 Numbers.

I have included a 'people who help us' powerpoint for you to look through with your grown up. Some of these helpful heroes help us in an emergency.
In an emergency you may need to call 999, talk to your grown up about when you might need to do this?

Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were in an emergency and had to call 999.

Create a thank you card to send to someone who has helped you. You could draw, paint or use collage to make
your picture. Remember to use your best writing inside to say ‘thank you’ and to write your name.
You could even make a poster to put in your window to say thank you to all the helpful heroes!


Home Learning - Friday 22nd January


Happy Friday Reception! Well done for another fantastic week of home learning! You are all doing so well keep it up!

Today I have uploaded a Friday Phonics challenge for you to have a go at!
I have also uploaded another tricky red word video, today's word is 'to'. Practice writing our new tricky word in your books. Can you find the word 'to' in any of your reading or story books?

Continue with the white rose maths videos, today is the last day of 'activity week' Today you can have a go at creating your own 'street' with houses (could use boxes) numbered 1-5, can you create letters for these houses and then post them to the correct number?
I have also included a challenge for you to have a go to practise your counting skills. Particularly finding one less.

Topic: The oak national academy have created some wonderful online learning lessons.  This week we have been looking at police officers, there are 3 lessons on the oak national acadmey for you to have a go at. They are short videos but you do not need to do them all in one day! Start with understanding what a police officer does. Please let me know how you get on!

This weekend lets get moving! This could be going for a walk or going out on your bike or scooter! Here are some fun dances for you to have a go at with your family: