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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Monday 18th January 2021

Good Morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was really lovely to speak to you on Friday and hear what you have been up to. I am glad you're all busy learning and a BIG THANK YOU to the children who have shared their learning with me on Tapestry. I love seeing the photos and the videos (of the children reading their books).

Are you all ready for another week of home learning? Don't forget to look at Tapestry and upload some photos to share your learning with me.

Today at 2pm I will be telling the story on ZOOM. Please look at your email or Tapestry for login details. Don't forget your telescopes so you can join Timothy Pope on his adventure in the park!!  (Can you guess the story?)

Phonics - Sound Starters

Click on the link below to play a Phase One Phonics activity.

You may log in with the following details:
username: jan21
password: home

  • What sound did you like best?
  • Can you make that sound?
  • What sound did you like least?
  • Can you make that sound?
  • Can you copy all the sounds?

Let's Get Creative with Elmer the Elephant

Using an empty milk carton, coloured paper and glue, could you make an Elmer the Elephant?

Get an adult to cut the shape for you.


Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning,

Did you all tune into my storytime (ZOOM) session yesterday, at 2pm, and enjoy SHARK IN THE PARK? Did you make a telescope? 

Please join us again today where Miss O'Reilly (Reception Teacher) will be reading a story at 2pm. Come along and meet her - she may be your teacher next year! 


Today, while you are at home, maybe you could help to sort out the washing!

Can you...

  • Find matching items (put socks in pairs)?
  • Find things the same colour?
  • Find things the same size?
  • Find things that feel soft?
  • Find things that are rough?
  • Does it smell nice?


I hope you have been doing lots of counting and looking for numbers in the environment. Click on the link below and join in with counting up to 10....


Emotions and Actions

Watch this story with Mr Tumble and Tumble Ted, where he covers a lot of emotions and actions.
Can you join and copy Mr Tumble in 'Susan Laughs' ....

Home Learning Activity Pack

Please collect your pack tomorrow morning (Wednesday 20th January) between 10.30am and 11.30am.

Should you be unable to collect this learning resource (due to self isolation or travel issues), please email me at


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good Morning,

I have created a home learning pack for you to collect today, which includes resources and a variety of activities to complete. I will be giving you guidance on completing this as we go along, each day. Please supervise your child when doing these activities and ask them plenty of questions. I have made a few suggestions on each page.

Should you be unable to collect this learning resource (due to self isolation or travel issues), please email me at



Do not enter the school without permission (wait outside foyer)

  • Ensure you have your mask on, covering your mouth and nose
  • Keep your 2 metre distance
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided 


I will be setting tasks daily to complete, so try to ensure you do not go too far ahead without me! 

Each child has... 

  • Learning Book (with various activities to complete)
  • Pencil
  • Colouring pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Story book/s
  • Tissue paper (for cutting and sticking)
  • Playdough (with candles and bottle tops, to mark-make)
  • 10 lollipop sticks

Counting objects 1-5

Click on the interactive sheet below and complete the number activity.

  • Can you count these objects and click on the right number?
  • Show me how many using your fingers
  • Can you show me how many by 'clapping' the number?

Imaginative Play - Indoor Camping

Watch the link below to see Mr Tumble camping indoors! He makes a tent....

  • Can you make a tent?
  • What else does Mr Tumble make?
  • What indoor sports does he do?
  • Can you draw a rainbow?
  • What colours have you used?
  • How many colours have you used?
Use your imagination and become a pirate, like Mr Tumble. Maybe someone can hide the treasure and you have to find it (hide and seek). 
  • Can you make a telescope to look out from from ship to shore?

You can use an empty kitchen or toilet roll, or just roll up some paper (see below).

  • Can you make a treasure map?

To make it look real you can stain the paper with a used [cool] tea bag (see below).

Miss Greene's Telescope


Miss Greene's Treasure Map


Thursday 21st January 2021

Good Morning,
Did you collect your activity packs yesterday? Please hold on to them and we will start working on them on Monday (when everyone has them).

Today you can use your glue stick in a cutting and sticking activity to make a collage. If you haven't picked up your activity pack (with glue stick) yet you can start collecting some resources ready to start tomorrow!
Can you see my collage in the photo? I collected some wrappers from my food, the label from my milk, etc. In your pack I put a Christmas Cracker hat (tissue paper), which you can cut (or tear) up into little pieces. If you are using scissors remember to sit down and use them safely (under adult supervision). You can do your collage in the back of your home learning book, or on some paper and stick it in later.
Please show me a photo of your collage.

Parents if you require small scissors ✂️ to use at home, please let me know and I can arrange to leave some in the office for collection. Children will need supervision using these so please only allow children to use these when you are sitting with them, then put them out of reach.


Click the link below and STEP INSIDE to listen to another one of my favourite rhyming stories - You Can Swim Jim by Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain

  • Do you know what Mr Mopple is holding? (See photo)

          It's not a telescope Mr Mopple, it's an armband!

  • What do armbands do?
  • Did you hear Mr Mopple say "It's good to exercise"? I hope you're all doing some exercise inside!
  • How do you think Jim is feeling at the beginning of the story?
  • Is he happy or sad? Scared or brave? Calm or frightened?
  • Why do you think he is feeling like this?
  • What makes you feel scared or frightened?
  • Can you swim?
  • Do you need armbands to stay afloat?
  • How did Doreen protect her eyes from the chlorine? (see photo for answer)
  • Who pretended she was a whale?
  • What happened to Brad's swimming shorts when he went down the slide/chute?
  • How did Jim get in the pool in the end?
  • What a CATASTROPHE! (What does that mean?)
  • What is the name of Mr Mopples's cat? (It begins with the sound T T T... Twinkle)

Friday 22nd January 2021

Morning all,

It's Friday and it is lovely and frosty out there. I have been to the park this morning and it was truly refreshing! The puddles were all frozen so I could slip and slide over was great fun! Try and get out for a walk over Lea Valley, or your local park, and enjoy the fresh air (SAFELY). Please upload some photos here for me to see.

I will be phoning you all around luch-time, so please pick up if you see a withheld number (as I will be working from home).

Today along with speaking to me, I would like you to reflect on previous learning, as it is through repetition that we learn, so look back over the work we have done this week. We will start our Home Learning Activity books on Monday.


Hope to see you at the 2pm Story Time session. PASSWORD - story 


I miss you all. Have a lovely weekend.


Big and Small

During my walk yesterday, over Lee Valley, I found a BIG chair. Look how small I look!
I also saw a deer over there. It ran right in front of me!
Going for a walk is such good fun and great exercise. Please make sure you get out for some exercise daily but stay safe and remember - HANDS FACE SPACE


Click the link to listen to our opposites song (show me BIG and small)!