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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Home Learning - Monday 1st February

Happy Monday Reception! Hooray its February! A whole new month has started! To celebrate lets watch and sing along with the months of the year song: 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, now lets start another week of fantastic home learning! I am so proud of you!



I have uploaded another tricky word video today. Today our tricky red word is 'the'. Have a look through your books can you find the word the? Have a go at writing the tricky words we have learnt so far into your book.
As always I would like you to practice your sounds everyday as remember practice makes perfect! You can use my videos on Tapestry, the phonics website with the flashcards game or the flash cards that were in your home learning pack. You could ask an adult to test you, how many sounds can you remember in one minute?


Maths: Today we start a new week on white rose maths  Today we will be comparing heights. I have included a challenge for you to have a go at, if you do not have building bricks you could use other items around your house or even make cubes from your playdough. You can also practice comparing height by marking your height and your grown up and siblings height on your wall. Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?


I have uploaded a story video of me reading the story 'Emergency!'. Today I want you to think about emergency vehicles? Have you seen any like the ones in the story?
In your home learning packs there is a design your own fire engine page, have a go at this. Think about what you will need to include for the firefighters to put out a fire.

Home Learning - Tuesday 2nd February 

Good morning Reception. Today I will be reading a story on our storytime zoom session. Remember to log on at 2pm. See you there! Click on link below and type - story 

(Meeting ID: 954 0166 1574)


Today I have uploaded another word time lesson for you to have a go, this time some our words include special friends sounds. Before you watch the word time lesson video please remember to practice your sounds. You can do this by watching one of the videos I have previously uploaded, using the flashcards from your home learning pack or by playing the flashcards game on phonics play.


Continue with the white rose maths daily videos. Today we will be looking at different lengths. I have included an activity for you to have a go at using the play dough from your home learning packs.
You could also go for a walk and find some sticks, can you order these from shortest to longest? Take a picture and upload it to Tapestry, who can find the biggest stick whilst out on a walk?


Topic: This week we will be moving on the learn about firefighters. I have uploaded a video for you to watch all about firefighters. I would then like you to think about what equipment a fire fighter might need to help them do their job? In your home learning journal draw pictures of the equipment they will need and write labels for these equipment. Firefighters also need to be fit and strong to help people here is a fire fit wake and shake with a real life fireman. Have a go and get your body moving! 

Home Learning - Wednesday 3rd February 


Happy Wednesday Reception! We are halfway through the week all ready. You are all doing so well with your home learning, keep up the good work!
I have been awarding dojo points for the all the fantastic learning so make sure you ask your parents to login, to see how many points you have earned so far.

Lets keep our hands moving, this helps improve our writing and fine motor skills. 


Phonics: Please continue to practise your speed sounds everyday using one of my videos, the flashcards from your home learning pack or here is a video going through each sound.  Remember practise makes perfect so keep going!

Today I would also like you to practise your blending, this means putting them sounds together to make a word. I have uploaded a video showing you how to use one of the games on the phonics play website.
This game is called pick a picture, you will need to Fred Talk each word and then pick a picture that matches the word.


Continue with the daily white rose maths videos. Today we will be thinking about the days of the week. You can practise the days of the week by singing along to one of our favourite songs!

Listen to the story Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.  Now have a go at putting the days of the week in the correct order, Then, can you draw a picture of something you do on each day? You could create your own calendar like our one in the classroom. You can then change it each day with the date, month, and day of the week. You could even do the weather. In your home learning journal you could draw a grid with 7 boxes. Ask a grown up to help you write the days of the week, one in each box. Then you can add something that you have done to the grid each day of the week. Remember to check you have the right day!


Topic: This week we are continuing our topic 'Helpful Heroes'. Yesterday we learnt about the role of a fire fighter. Now I want us to think about fire safety and how we can keep ourselves and our families safe. Talk with your grown up about what to do if there was a fire in your home. Here is firefighter Christian reading a story about fire safety at home. 

Home Learning - Thursday 4th February 


Good morning Reception!
I hope you are all doing well. I am missing us all being in school but I am also very proud of the work you have been doing at home. Keep it up!


Continue practising your speed sounds everyday using either my videos, the phonics play website or your flashcards from your home learning packs. You could even ask a grown up to time you, can you get quicker each day?

I have included a phonics game that you can play at home called bouncy blending. As you are unlikely to have hoops at home instead use the flashcards from your home learning packs. Lay out a word on the floor and as you jump onto each word say the sound, then at the end blend it together.
Words you can have a go at are:
Can you think of anymore words? If you are finding this easy have a go at words with 4 sounds such as w-e-n-t or
As always I would love to see any pictures of you having a go at this game.


Maths:  Continue with the white rose daily maths videos. Today we will be measuring height. I have included the challenge for you to have a go at. You can use lots of things around your home to measure height such as string, sticks or even fruit. You could even measure some of your family, ask them to lay down on the floor and then use an item (i.e. apples) to measure them by putting the apples next to them until they are the same length. For example I am 15 apples tall!



Today I want us to focus on how we are feeling. Listen to the story I have uploaded called 'The Making of Milton'. Once you have listened to the story you can then have a go at making your own worry box or worry monster, that will eat up all your worries. I have included instructions for both in this post. 


Home Learning - Friday 5th February


Happy Friday Reception! A whole week of February has gone already! Make sure to remind your parents to upload all of your wonderful learning onto Tapestry or to email it to me! I would love to see any work you have been doing.


I have uploaded a Friday phonics challenge for you to have a go at. Alongside this can you please practice your sounds using one of my videos (I have uploaded a new one) or use your own flashcards or the phonics play website.



Continue with the daily white rose maths videos  Today we will be thinking about measuring time. I have included an activity for you to have a go at. Ask a grown up to time you for one minute, how many star jumps can you do? How many times can you write your name? How many toys can you tidy away?

Other ways you can explore measuring time are:


When you brush your teeth, try different ways of timing 2 minutes. You could use a sand timer, a stopwatch, a kitchen timer or ask a grown-up to help you to use a clock

Find a simple jigsaw puzzle to do. Use a clock or timer to see how long it takes you to complete the puzzle. Then, break the puzzle up and try again. Can you complete the puzzle more quickly on the second try?

Look around your house and see how many different ways of measuring time, you can find. Can you find a clock? …a watch? …a timer? …a sand timer? …a stopwatch? What are these things used for? What numbers can you see? Take some photos or draw a picture of some different ways to measure time


Topic:  Watch the video of let's play: in this episode Rebecca becomes a fire fighter. What is she wearing? What tools does she use? Does she have a special vechile? Can you list all of the ways a fire fighter can help people? Draw a picture of yourself as a fire fighter, don't forget to include a uniform and any special tools you will need to help people.