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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Monday 1st February 2021

Good Morning,

It is the first day of a new week and new month - Monday 1st February!
Can you sing our days of the week song? Cover your eyes to start...


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - BOO!
Thursday, Friday - OOH, OOH, OOH!
Saturday, Sunday - TRA,LA,LA!
The week is over - CHA, CHA,CHA!


Let's look at our Home Learning Book and turn to page 4.

  • Using your pencil - trace over the writing patterns, from left to right.
  • Hold the pencil in a pincer grip (parents, please model this for your child).
  • On page 5, can you draw a house? You have a ruler in your pack if you need it to draw some lines.
  • What shapes can you see on your house?
  • How many windows do you have?

Learning Through Play

I am excited to share a series of short educational films ‘Learning Through Play’ that showcase 20 activities that parents can do cheaply and easily at home with their early years children. The films are translated into Sylheti, Urdu, Polish and Somali and are part of our Schools with Roots project.


Play Catch

When you are teaching a child to catch, it is best to start with large, soft items or balls. Big cuddly toys are good, as are beach balls!

To build confidence start by being very close together. It's sometimes easier to sit cross-legged on the floor initially (that way even if they don't catch the item it falls into their lap and doesn't feel like they have dropped it!)

One of the keys to improving catching skills is to always be thinking of progression, whether that be distance between the two people or the size of the ball (the smaller the ball, the harder it is).

Encourage your child to keep their 'eyes on the ball' so that they can track the flight of the object. When a child is learning to catch, encourage them to wrap their arms around the object and bring it into their chest (works well with cuddly toys). As they develop, the focus should be on encouraging them to use the palms of their hands and their fingers.

As with any aspect of learning, children feel more motivated to continue if they feel they are succeeding, so think about making it very achievable at the start, and celebrate the child's success with each catch! A motivating game can be counting how many times you can pass and catch before the ball or toy drops to the floor.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (Exercise, Health and Hygiene)

Cosmic Kids yoga adventures help kids build their mental and physical strength and confidence. They weave in emotional tools and helpful lessons for life, through their videos, making them as much fun as possible, so kids love joining in.

Join us on an adventure using our body and minds as we wash our hands with a SOAPER-HERO!



Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Good Morning,

Yesterday was Monday, so what day is it today? What day will it be tomorrow? (Sing the 'Days of the Week' song to help you remember.)

Yesterday we had a lovely interactive ZOOM story session, where I read 'Don't Eat the Teacher!' (Author Nick Ward). It was lovely seeing and hearing you all. Did you like my pet Shark? You'll be happy to know he is now back in his box, sound asleep. He didn't eat me!

If you missed this story I will do it again next Monday (as requested by the children who heard it yesterday.) 

Please join us for story-time today at 2pm, where Miss O'Reilly will be reading a story.

Maths - One More Than (See Tapestry)

Use this activity to help your child show what 1 more than a given number is, without having to count.

Download (or make your own) attached sheet and write an appropriate number in the circle for each of the ingredients.

Depending on how confident your child is, the number you choose could be anything between 1 and 10 or 1 and 100! (Also depends on how big you want the cake!)
Your child can then tell you (or write down) what 1 more than the number you have given them is, in the square.

To make it extra challenging, try giving them a number ending in a "9" so that they have to cross the 10s barrier. e.g 1 more than 19 is 20.



Click on the link below and point to the letters, making the letter sounds.


  • What was your favourite picture beginning with s?

                    (snake, socks or snowman)

  • Can you tell me another word that begins with... s ?
  • What was your favourite picture beginning with a?

                 (anteater, ambulance or astronaut)

  • Can you tell me another word that begins with... a ?
  • What was your favourite picture beginning with t?

                       (time, turkey or toad)

  • Can you tell me another word that begins with... t ?
  • What was your favourite picture beginning with p?

                        (pizza, panda or peacock)

  • Can you tell me another word that begins with... p ?



Cosmic Kids Yoga (Exercise, drama, song and story session)


Join us in doing some gentle exercise on the beach. Let's use our imagination and float off in our hot air balloons. Don't forget to wave at our school as you float by! As I was surfing I thought I could see a shark but it was just a fish (Squish the Fish)... PHEW! Do you think we will meet any sharks on our sea adventure? If we do please join me in shouting, "DON'T EAT THE TEACHER!"

(After our Shark story yesterday I thought this session was relevant)



Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good Morning,
Let's get our Home Learning books out and do some drawing...
Can you find the snowman picture - like Maxim's photo below? (Thank you Mum for sharing with us.)

Look at the snow picture (in your Home Learning books) and talk about what you can see...

Parents you can use some of my questions below for prompts. Talk about the different seasons, the weather, the shapes in the environment, etc. Encourage language and extend vocabulary (introducing new words/descriptive language). Model good speaking and listening skills.

  • Did you make a snowman when it was snowing last week?
  • What shape is the snowman's body?
  • Trace around the circle with your finger.
  • Now, using your pencil, draw around the circle.
  • How many circles can you see?
  • What do you think those small circles in the snow scene are?
  • Did you throw any snowballs in the snow?
  • What did the snow feel like? (hot/cold, hard/soft, fluffy/smooth, etc)
  • Can you draw around the branch?
  • What type of bird is that in the picture?
  • What sound does a bird make?
  • On the blank page opposite can you draw your own winter scene.
  • What season comes after winter?
  • What clothes do we wear in the winter?
  • What clothes do we wear in the spring?
  • Using the play-dough in your packs, can you make some little snowballs? (Not too small or they will look like peas!)


Today is Wednesday. What day was it yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow? (Sing our 'Days of the Week' song to help you remember the order.)

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk over the Lee valley, with my dog (Pepsi). Pepsi kept picking up sticks so I decided to teach her about shapes. She's only 2 so she didn't know how to make a shape!

  • Firstly, I taught her how to make a triangle.
  • How many sides does a triangle have?
  • So, how many sticks did Pepsi need to make a triangle?
  • (Count them in the photo - 1 2 3)
  • Secondly, I taught her how to make a square.
  • How many sides does a square have?
  • So, how many sticks did Pepsi need to make a square?
  • (Count them in the photo - 1 2 3 4)
  • Pepsi found four sticks of different lengths, so I had to break them because a square has 4 sides of equal (the same) length.
  • Then we spotted some triangle shapes within the trees, can you see them?
  • Using the sticks in your leaning pack - can you make a square and a triangle?
  • Count the lollipop sticks for each shape.
  • How many sticks will you need altogether?

                  [Triangle] 3 + [Square] 4 = 7

Can you find some shapes in the environment?


Cosmic Kids Yoga  (Exercise and role play)

Namaste... Are you ready for some Cosmic Yoga?
Get your binoculars ready to see the shapes and colours, as you travel into space to the MOON!

  • What form of transport will you need to travel to the moon?
  • Can you join Jaime in counting down from 5?
  • How many stars did Jaime say she saw?


Please join us for our ZOOM story session at 2pm today. If you can't make it you can always listen to this story - WHATEVER NEXT! (Author - Jill Murphy)

Baby bear is making a rocket to travel to the moon, just like you did in yoga today with Jaime.

  • Can you make a BIG rocket? (Look for some empty boxes or maybe you could use some cushions!)
  • Can you make a small rocket? (Look for an empty kitchen roll or toilet roll and decorate it.)

Thursday 4th February 2021

Good morning,
Following on from yesterday (what day was it yesterday?) please find the rocket in your Home Learning Books and colour it in, and share on Tapestry please!
*Parents please fill in the appropriate colours on the key (on the left hand side) so the children can see which colour to use for each shape. Ask the children about the properties of the shapes, e.g. how many sides does the triangle have?

  • Count the circles... Can you colour these in BLUE?
  • Count the squares... Can you colour these in Miss Greene's favourite colour? (GREEN)
  • Count the triangles... Can you colour these is YELLOW?
  • Point to the rectangle. Can you colour it in PURPLE?
  • Which 2 primary colours do you mix to make purple?
  • Where is your rocket going to?

    Let's launch it...Count down (backwards) from 5...
    5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!
    Can you count down from 10?
    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!


  • Did you make a rocket yesterday using an empty kitchen or toilet roll?

Shape Song

Listen to the following song about the shapes : CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE & RECTANGLE.
'I see Shapes Everywhere.'

Sing along and join in the actions, drawing the shapes in the air with your finger...


"Do you know what I am?
Say my name if you can...
I have just one line that goes round and round,
And I can roll on the ground
What am I?
You're a CIRCLE!


Do you know what I am?
Say my name if you can...
If you look really close you will see,
I have 3 sides - 1 2 3
What am I?
You're a TRIANGLE!


Do you know what I am?
Say my name if you can...
I have 4 sides, they're all the same
If you know my name you are good at this game.
What am I?
You're a a SQUARE!


Do you Know what I am?
Say my name if you can...
I have 4 sides like a square,
But 2 sides are shorter and I don't care!
What am I?


Outdoor Fun

This morning I felt like I was going on my very own Bear Hunt (with Pepsi and her friend Winnie), through the DEEP COLD RIVER (BIG puddles) - splashy sploshy, splashy sploshy, and the THICK OOZY MUD - squelch squerch, squelch squerch!

I wore my wellies and enjoyed splashing through the puddles. It was great exercise. Pepsi loves the rain just as much as the snow!

  • What is your favourite weather? Why?

Ask your grown-up to take you out for a walk in the fresh air. Wear your wellies so you can splash in the puddles or squelch in the mud!


Stay safe and upload photos to Tapestry please.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (Exercise and role play)


Today our exercise is acting out one of our favourite story books - where there is a lot of thick oozy mud, just like outside. Squelch, squerch! Can you guess the title?


Join Jaime on an active adventure as she goes on a bear hunt. You know this story well. Copy the actions as you say the words...


We're going on a bear hunt,
We're going to catch a big one,
What a beautiful day (hello sun!)
We're not scared (no way!)
Uh ooh...


Long wavy GRASS

We can't go UNDER it,
We can't go OVER it,
We'll have to go THROUGH it!



  • Can you remember the order? What comes next?


  • A deep cold RIVER - SPLASHY, SPLOSHY!
  • Thick oozy MUD - SQUELCH, SQUERCH!
  • A big dark FOREST - STUMBLE TRIP!
  • A swirling whirling SNOWSTORM - WHOO HOO!
  • A narrow gloomy CAVE - TIP TOE!




Friday 5th February 2021

Good morning,

It's 'phone-call Friday' today...HOORAY! I'm looking forward to talking to you all (and seeing you all at our 2pm ZOOM storytime). Hope you have lots to tell me. Speak soon!


Lunch-time Walk The calm before the [snow] storm?

I have just been on a lovely walk over the Lee Valley. It is beautiful outdoors today. Try and get outside for some fresh air and exercise (safely). Hands  Face  Space.

Look at the photos and answer the following questions...

  • Can you see the sky when you look in the lake? (1st photo) Why is that?
  • What do you use to see your reflection?
  • How many ducks can you see in the 2nd photo?
  • What noise do they make?
  • What is the white bird in the 3rd photo called?
  • What letter sound does swan begin with?
  • How many boats can you see in the 4th photo?
  • Do boats float or sink?
  • What animal is that on the wall, in the 5th photo?
  • What letter sound does squirrel begin with?
  • What are the two people doing in the 6th photo?
  • What do you think they will catch on their fishing hooks?
  • Can you draw me a picture of what they might catch?

Tapestry - Upload photos

Today I would like you to take some photos to upload onto Tapestry. Share some of your good work/play with me. I am very proud of the work you have been doing - both in your Home Learning books and through your play.  Well done to you all and well done to your grown-ups!


"For children PLAY is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,”  Fred Rogers.


I will share a few photos I have received this week (with Parents permission)..


Tapestry - Upload photos

Today I would like you to take some photos to upload onto Tapestry. Share some of your good work/play with me. I am very proud of the work you have been doing - both in your Home Learning books and through your play.  Well done to you all and well done to your grown-ups!


"For children PLAY is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,”  Fred Rogers.


I will share a few photos I have received this week (with Parents permission)...

Sharing Home Learning


Cosmic Kids Yoga (Exercise, role play and singing)


Let's finish our yoga week in the JUNGLE on a Jungle Safari.

During this session you will be singing : Row, Row, Row your Boat and Walking Through the Jungle

  • Do you know what a jungle is? 
  • Can you name 5 animals you might find in the jungle?
  • What are baby snakes called?
  • What are baby crocodiles called?
  • What are baby lions called?


Please continue these lovely story/drama yoga sessions at your leisure. 

Cosmic Kids yoga is easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. 🌈 Watch videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: