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Week Beginning 22nd February 2021

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Good morning and what a beautiful morning it is! I was out for an early walk with my dog and I watched the sunrise. The sky was amazing, with dust that has blown over from the Sahara Desert (North Africa), making the most beautiful colours. It looked like there was a fire in the sky...

Welcome to Spring Term 2 where we will be focusing on the topic of 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt'. This is a fantastic, memorable romp of a story that sweeps children up in the adventure from the very first line. Written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, this well-loved picture book provides the perfect opportunity to explore things on a bigger scale both indoors and out. Watch the following link and ...

  • Observe how the author draws you into the story with his voice, facial expressions and his body language
  • Note the repetition, repetition, repetition! This helps children to:
    • Recall the story and retell it themselves
    • Develop their language skills
    • Get drawn into the story because they feel they know it very early on.


Let's refresh on our phonics today with Alphablocks A-Z. Listen to the sounds of each letter and repeat the sound.

  • Can you make the sound of the first letter of your name?
  • What letter does your name begin with?
  • How many syllables are there in your name? Clap them...

          (e.g. Max - im =2   Mad - di - son =3   Ros - si =2   Rit - ti - ana =3) 



Please join us for our ZOOM storytime at 2pm. Login details can be found on Tapestry (or on your email account from last half term).


Just before half term we introduced a [whole] school activity called the Monday Munch challenge. Through weekly challenges, starting every Monday, we aim to encourage children to participate in learning about food & nutrition, and health & hygiene. This week's challenge is to make something using TOMATOES. See the leaflet below for more information and let's get creative!


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good morning and it's another beautiful day. Spring is in the air and this morning, on my walk, I went on a SPRING hunt...not a bear hunt!

  • Can you name that lovely YELLOW flower in the first photo?
  • Look at Miss Greene by the BIG tree. What do you think will happen to this tree in the Spring? (Something will grow on its branches...What?)
  • Can you go on a Spring hunt today and let me know what you find?

                 Remember HANDS  FACE  SPACE  and stay safe!



Let's get our Home Learning Book out and find the page with the 'Number Matching Caterpillar'.

With adult supervison...

  • Cut out the numbers 1 2 3 4 5
  • Change your GREEN caterpillar into a colourful caterpillar, by matching the numbers.
  • What shapes are these coloured numbers?
  • What colour is number 1?
  • What colour is number 2?
  • What colour is number 3?
  • What colour is number 4?
  • What colour is number 5?
  • Count your circles.
  • 1 2 3 4 5 ...What number comes next?
  • Can you count to 10?




Listen to this lovely story - THE THING ABOUT SPRING.

Spring is in the air! Bear, Bird, and Mouse are all excited that winter snows are melting away, but their friend Rabbit is not. There are too many things about winter that Rabbit adores, and spring just seems to spell trouble!

  • What do you like about Spring?

(I like the bright mornings and the colourful flowers that spring up!)


Don't forget to join us for our ZOOM story at 2pm today


Thursday 25th February 2021

Good morning, it's another lovely day so why not go out for a walk with your grown up. Remember Hands  Face  Space

Memory Game

You will need...

  • At least 5 objects
  • A towel or cloth
  • A partner (a grown-up or older sibling)

Have a good look at each object then cover with a towel/cloth. Close your eyes while your partner removes an object and puts it behind their back. Lift up the towel/cloth...Which item is missing?


Home Learning Book     (Find the page pictured below in your books)

Let's continue our fine motor skills and number recognition by writing our numbers 1-5 or 1-10. (Tomorrow we will cut out the pictures, that represent the numbers, and stick them appropriately).

  • Look at the numbers and count to 5, then 10 (touching each number).
  • Trace over the numbers using your finger (starting at the dot).
  • Now do this using a pencil.
  • Can you point to number 2?
  • What is the next number - 1 more?
  • What is the number before 2 - 1 less?
  • Can you point to number 4? 
  • What is the next number - 1 more?
  • What is the number before 4 - 1 less?
  • Can you point to the same numbers that are on your front door?
  • Point to your age. How old will you be on your next birthday?

Nursery Rhyme

Let's look at our favourite number rhyme again. Don't forget to call out the numbers loudly as you point at them, and use your fingers to represent the numbers.

Don't forget to join our ZOOM story time at 2pm today.


Friday 26th February 2021

Good morning,

Today I am looking forward to speaking to you on the phone, so listen out for me calling, after 10am. 


Home Learning Book

Following on from yesterday's activity I would like you to cut out the pictures from your Home Learning book (beside the number sheet) and stick the correct 'number representation' picture under the numeral it applies to. *Adults will need to supervise this activity for scissor safety. ✂️


Rock Hunt

Over the weekend, when you go out for a walk with your grown up, look around for a nice big stone or rock...



I like this story and the title is definitely something I can relate to at the moment...

'Need a Trim, Jim' by Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain.

In this book the people all have haircuts that suit their face. But everyone's forgotten what Jim's face looks like because it is hidden behind an enormous fringe. He's not too keen on the idea of cutting off his gorgeous locks but when he's finally in the barber's chair, it's a simple snip and then Jim is trimmed!

  • This story has lots of rhyming words can you find them?
  • Claire I love your hair. 
  • Pete's is neat.
  • Shirley's is curly.
  • Mike's has spikes.  
  • Dave has waves!
  • Dot has a lot.
  • What does Jim run into?
  • When he falls what part of his body does he hurt?
  • Do you think this is the same Jim as in the book, 'You Can Swim, Jim'?
  • In the Step Inside house what colour hair does Boris have? (It's my favourite!)
  • Chloe hasn't got any hair so what does Mr Mopple do?


Don't forget to join us at 2pm for ZOOM Storytime.