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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January 2021

Good Morning,

Oh my goodness...did you see the snow? I had lots of fun playing in it (see photos under Sunday, below). How beautiful it was. I hope you had a lovely weekend too.

Today we are going to start our Home Learning books.


Mark-Making/Name Recognition (pg 1)

 Let's look at page one...

  • Can you recognise your name?
  • What is the first letter? 
  • What is the first letter sound? (Is it a -a - a for apple, or b - b - b for ball, or c - c - c for cat? ...etc)

Let's make our name...

  • Firstly, can you trace over the letters with your finger? 
  • Secondly, using your playdough or crayons can you make the letters of your name?
  • Thirdly, using a pencil can you trace over the letters?
  • Now attempt to write your name in the space provided, or just the first letter of your name. Do what you can - you are mark-making and any form of mark making is great.


Parents I am not expecting children to write their names independently just yet. This activity is name recognition (identifying their names) and pencil control (fine motor skills). Model how to hold the pencil correctly (in a pincer grip - like below). Some children will just make squiggles, which is fine, so praise them for any mark-making.


Zoom Story-Time @ 2pm

Don't forget to join me today for a story. It is so lovely to see your faces. Well done to Ritiana and Rossi for 100% attendance. Marlon, it is lovely to see you too but stay awake ... no snoozing please!! Belis, I can't see you but I know you are there too. Thank you for joining us every week day at 2pm. 

Click on the link and put in the passcode (emailed to you) 


Step Inside

If you missed the 2pm story click on the link below for this wonderful story.

The magic house invites viewers to step inside and join Twinkle, Chloe and Boris for a story. Mr Mopple tells a story about about a young panda who is so absorbed in his computer game that he misses the excitement when police and firefighters chase burglars through his house.

Wash Your Hands Song

Are you missing our daily hand washing song? Click on the link below and join in the actions. Remember ... Hands - Face - Space

Sunday 24th January 2021

Just wanted to share with you the wonderful colours of the sky on my early morning walk...

The ground was covered in frost and the lake was frozen. My dog, Pepsi, had to wear a coat because it was very cold. Do you think it is going to snow?


Update 11am - It's snowing!

I am looking out of my window and look what I can see... Hooray! It looks like fluffy cotton wool falling form the sky. It's beautiful. Get wrapped up - put your wellies, hat and gloves on and get outside for some 'socially distanced' exercise. 

  • Can you catch a snow-flake?
  • What happens when it lands in your hand?
  • Can you make a snowball?
  • What does the snow feel like?

Stay safe please and remember - Hands - Face - Space


Out in the Snow

I took my daughter out for some much needed exercise and oh, WHAT FUN WE HAD! Of course Pepsi wanted to come too...


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good Morning,
I am so sorry if you attended story-time yesterday and I couldn't see you to say hello. My computer wasn't working properly and I couldn't see or hear anything! Hopefully you could hear and see me telling the story?

Today I will be there to see you all at our ZOOM story session. Please join us at 2pm.


In our Home Learning Books today I would like you to complete page two - Facial Features.
Can you add...

  • 2 eyes ?
  • a nose ?
  • a mouth ?
  • some hair ?
  • Can you tell me what your eyes, nose, mouth and ears are for?
  • What colour is your hair?
  • Is it long or short?







We looked at Little Red Riding Hood last term.  Do you remember it?

Click on the link below and answer the following questions...

What does the wolf say when Little Red Riding Hood says...

  • "Grandmother, what big ears you have?"
  • "All the better to ..."
  • "Grandmother, what big eyes you have?"
  • "All the better to ..."
  • "Grandmother, what big teeth you have?"
  • "All the better to ..."

Little Red Riding Hood



Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good Morning,
It was lovely seeing you for story time yesterday. Please join us today again at 2pm.

Today I would like you to make a shopping list of your favourite foods. You can draw these, or if you have any magazines - cut out some pictures (or use the actual labels of your food and stick them on the paper. Do this at the back of your Home Learning books).
*Parents you can pick up the free Tesco magazine in the shop, which has lots of food pictures, when you next do your shopping.

Talk about why you like these foods.

Are they healthy? Delicious? Yummy? Hot? Cold? Spicy?



Phonics Play

Please click on the link below to play CAKE BAKE, a phase one phonics rhyming game. Find the pictures that rhyme, match them all to bake a curious cake. Click on each picture to hear the word.

My favourite rhyming words in this game are : QUEEN GREEN (It's me ... Miss Greene the Queen!)


username: jan21

Password: home 



Oliver's Vegetables

Oliver only eats chips and definitely not vegetables. However his Gran and Grandpa’s garden is full of vegetables. When Oliver comes to stay Grandpa comes up with an ingenious way to encourage him to try some of the vegetables. This is an attractively illustrated picture book which just might tempt reluctant (healthy) eaters to try something new themselves.

Read aloud

Read the story aloud, allowing time to talk about what is happening and naming the different vegetables.

Join in

When you read the story again your child could join in, perhaps by being Oliver saying ‘I don’t eat vegetables. I only eat chips.’ ‘... That was good’ ... ‘That was very good.’ 

Tell the story

Using the illustrations as a guide, children can tell the story in their own words.

Talk about the book

Talk about what children liked or didn’t like about this story. Did they have any questions about it?



Thursday 28th January 2021

Good Morning,


I have discovered that some children are not doing enough physical exercise...oh no!🏃‍♀️🤸‍♂️💪🚴‍♂️🤸‍♀️🏃‍♂️So we are going to start our mornings with a WAKE UP AND SHAKE UP!

You don't need a lot of space but you will need a lot of energy. I have been for my daily early morning walk already but I am going to join you in doing this. Try and do it before BBC BITESIZE lessons (but if you are a sleepy head do it after). Get your grown up to join you and then check their heart rate.
Whose heart is beating the fastest?



Try these counting, sorting and ordering mathematical activities with the Gingerbread Man.

Click the link below...

  • MATHS Counting, Sorting and Ordering with the Gingerbread Man


After all those Gingerbread Man based Maths activities, why not listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man and answer the following questions...


  • What ingredients does the old woman use to make the Gingerbread Man?
  • What does the Gingerbread Man say to everyone who chases him?
  • Which ANIMALS chase him? (Can you say them in order - 1st, 2nd, 3rd?)
  • What sound does a COW make?
  • What sound does a HORSE make?
  • What sound does a CHICKEN make?
  • Tell me, in the Gingerbread Man's voice, who chased him? (I ran away from an old woman, I ran away from an... )
  • Why did the Gingerbread Man jump on the back of the fox?
  • Can you swim?
  • How did the fox trick the Gingerbread Man? 
  • Did he tell the truth when he said that the Gingerbread Man didn't look tasty and he didn't want to eat him?

Friday 29th January 2021

Good Morning,

Wake up and Shake up! Did you enjoy the exercise yesterday? Why not give this a try today and get the whole family involved. ARE YOU READY TO GET MOVING?

Family (Drawing)

Using your Home Learning book, draw a picture of your family (on page 3).

  • How many people are in your family?
  • What are their names?
  • Who is the tallest?
  • Who is the shortest?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Can you draw them?

Twinkl Go! is free to access for all users (and will be for the duration of the school closures). The Twinkl Go Team have pre-created a selection of EYFS lessons and provided all of the details needed to access it!
Your children simply need to access 

and select the ‘pupil sign in’ option.
Once there, they’ll need to use the
PIN ‘JB0654’,
plus the username & password ‘farm44’.

The Twinkl Go! Team will be adding lessons to this login next week as well, so remember to keep checking in!

Phone-call & Reflect

It's the last Friday in January and it is lovely outside. I have been to the park this morning and it was truly refreshing! Try and get out for a walk over Lea Valley, or your local park, and enjoy the fresh air (SAFELY - HANDS FACE SPACE). Please upload some photos here for me to see.


I will be phoning you all around lunch-time, so please pick up if you see a withheld number (as I will be working from home).


Today along with speaking to me, I would like you to reflect on previous learning, as it is through repetition that we learn, so look back over the work we have done this week.


Hope to see you at the 2pm Story Time session. PASSWORD - story 


I miss you all. Have a lovely weekend.