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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Home Learning - Friday 29th January 


Happy Friday Reception! I cant believe another week has gone! You are all doing so well with your home learning I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work and make sure you have a nice restful weekend!



I have uploaded my Friday Phonics challenge for today which is all about the sound 'j'. Alongside this you can also continue to practise your sounds everyday using my video/ the phonics play website/ your own flashcards.



Continue with the white rose daily maths videos. Today you will be thinking about adding more.  I have uploaded a maths challenge for you to have a go with your grown up. It will also mean you are being a helpful hero, helping with the washing!


Topic: Today I want you to get outside and get moving! Go for a walk with your grown up and talk about all the things that you see. You may even see a police officer or a police car! Talk about the sky and what colour it is, why is it that colour? Count how many steps you take to a certain point (i.e lampost). I have uploaded a winter hunt checklist that you can use to support your discussion. Did you see all of the things on the list? The lee valley is right on our doorstep and is a wonderful place for a walk.  Remember to keep your distance from anyone you see and to wash your hands once you return home. Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE

Home Learning - Thursday 28th January


Good morning Reception! I hope you are all still well and are continuing to be Holdbrook Heroes at home! I am so proud of some of the fantastic learning and work you have been uploading this week. Keep up the good work!

Here's another fun dough disco for you to warm up the muscles in your hands before writing. 

Remember to continue practising your sounds everyday using your flashcards/ my phonics videos/ or the phonics play website. I will be uploading some more videos soon but for now I have included some new words for you to have a go at reading and writing. First use fred talk to sound out the word before blending the words together. Read each word then ask your grown up to say a word for you to have a go at writing. Remember to count the sounds using your fred fingers. Once you have written the word you can check it and then tick it or fix it!

Continue using the white rose daily maths videos. This week we are continuing our learning around the numbers 6,7,8. Today you will continue practising combining two groups and finding the total, I have included an activity for you to have a go at.

Topic: Today I would like you to explore some more of the mini mash online classroom.  Remember our username is : r and the password is: r Once in the mini mash classroom click on the people who help us pin in the corner of the page. Click the arrow until you find the matching pairs activity, you can either do 4 cards or 8 cards. Which people who help us did you spot during the activity? You can even make your own matching pairs game by creating sets of matching cards. You could include your favourite animals, food, or people who help us!

Home Learning - Wednesday 27th January

Happy Wednesday Reception! I really enjoyed seeing some of you during our zoom storytime session. I read one of our favourite stories 'Supertato' Today Mrs Rothery will be reading a story, remember to login at 2pm!

Click on link below and type - story 

(Meeting ID: 954 0166 1574)


Remember to practise your sounds everyday using either one of my videos or the phonics play flashcards game.
Today why don't you become the teacher and use your flashcards from your home learning packs with either a grown up or a sibling. Go through the flash cards just like I do and wait for your 'pupil' to say the sound, then you can then tell them if they are right or wrong. If they get it wrong make sure to tell them the correct sound!
I hope you are continuing to practise writing your name everyday, remember practise makes perfect!


Maths: Continue with the white rose maths home learning, this week we are focussing on 6,7,8.  Today you will be looking at combining two groups. I have included an activity for you to have a go. You could also have a go at collecting items from around your home to practice this skill. You could use fruit and veg, socks, buttons or some of your toys.


Topic: On yesterday's zoom storytime I read the 'Supertato' story. In case you missed it here is a link to watch the story  Supertato is a helpful hero just like our topic, here are some helpful hero activities for you to have a go at today:

Draw a face onto a potato or other vegetable to make your own super veggie! Take your super veggie around your home to help out with some of the jobs such as tidying your bedroom and putting away the dishes. What other helpful things can he or she do?

Talk about what your superhero name would be and what special powers you would have? How would you help people? You could fill in your superhero sheet in your home learning book.

Home Learning - 26th January 


Good morning reception! I hope you managed to get out in the snow over the weekend and even yesterday! I went for a very icy walk yesterday, I had to walk very carefully so not to slip over! I would love to see any photos of you out enjoying the weather!

Phonics: You have all been doing so well with your phonics home learning. Keep it up! Remember to practise your sounds everyday using my videos or the phonics play app/website. There are lots of fun games on there to help practise your blending such as picnic on pluto  The aliens Obb and Bob are brothers they both love to eat but they like to eat different things. Bob (blue alien) likes to eat snacks with real words on them and Obb (Orange alien) likes to eat snacks with made up words on them. You have to give each snack to right the brother. Use fred talk to sound out each word before giving it to one of the aliens.

Maths: This week we are continuing to think about the numbers 6,7 and 8, using the whiterose online lessons.  Today we are focussing on making pairs. I have attached an activity for you to have a go at.


Continuing our learning about police officers, yesterday you created your own police badge. When the police are looking for criminals they often look for fingerprints.
Look closely at your the under side of your finger, can you see lots of little lines? This is called a fingerprint and everyone has different finger prints.
Use paint or a pen to colour your finger and then print this onto some paper, ask your grown up or sibling to do the same, can you compare the two? Are they the same? What do you notice?

Home Learning - 25th January 

Good morning reception! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Today Miss Greene will be reading another story on our zoom storytime session.
I really enjoyed speaking to some of you on the phone on Friday, you are all making me very proud with how hard you are working at home. Keep it up!

Before you start writing here is another fun dough disco to warm up the muscles in your hands. (Search dough disco on youtube) 


I hope you had fun with Friday's phonic challenge. Today continue practising your sounds, watching either my videos or by using the phonics play app or website.
I have also uploaded some words for you to have a go at reading, can you write these words too? Use your Fred Fingers to work out how many sounds are in each word before writing them.

Maths: This week we are going to continue our learning about the numbers 6,7,8  Today we are practising matching the correct amount to the numeral. Use some paper and write the numbers 6,7,8 on three different pieces of paper, can you collect 6 things to go on number 6? 7 things to go on number 7? and can you collect 8 things to go on the number 8? Which one has the fewest? Which one has the most?


To continue our learning about the police I have asked my brother in law, PC Mills to help teach us how to be a police officer. I have attached a photo of him, what is he wearing? The first thing he has asked us to do is to create our police badges (included in your home learning books), either draw a picture or add a photo of yourself and write your name, then you can colour in your badge. You can also watch this episode of 'Let's Play'  In the episode Rebecca becomes a police officer, how does she help people? What is she wearing?


Home Learning - Screen Free


Screen Free - Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers

I know that a lot of the activities and work I have been setting involve using a screen (Ipad,tablet,computer,phone) and I also know that it can be hard if you have other people or children in the house that all need to use these screens. A big part of reception is learning through a variety of ways including play! I have attached 20 ideas for screen free activities which will help support your child's development in all areas of the eyfs: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal Social and Emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and expressive arts and design.
Just because they are not sat down 'doing work' does not mean they are not learning and developing.

Any time spent communicating with you is valuable to their development. You are all doing so well!
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss O'Reilly