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Home Learning

                             Online Activities
              Can you make a Saint George's Day Flag?

Today is St. George's Day, the patron Saint of England. Can you make a St. George's Day flag?

You will need...
1. Plain white paper in a rectangle shape (landscape).
2. A red felt or crayon.
3. A ruler (optional)

Firstly, draw a red HORIZONTAL (--------) line across the centre of you paper.
Secondly, draw a red VERTICAL line (from top to bottom) down the middle. 

Be Creative - Elmer the Elephant

Using an empty milk carton, coloured paper and glue, could you make an Elmer the Elephant?

Get an adult to cut the shape for you.


Twinkl are releasing an amazing FREE DAILY home learning timetable, during school closure.

There is an abundance of fun activities, and daily exercises with Joe Wicks, to keep your children entertained.

Please click the link below, which will take you to the 'Home Learning Hub' and scroll down to daily activities. Click box AGE 3-5 and a daily schedule will come up, with various activities and a lovely visual story:


EYFS School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack


Fine Motor Skills

TAPESTRY - Please View Regularly

Tapestry is a secure online Learning Journal to record photos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

(Please read the Tapestry sub-heading, on Nursery page, for more information)

Miss Greene will be updating Tapestry on a regular basis. Please share any home learning through uploading photos and videos, so Miss Greene can view and respond.

Thank you.

                                             Home Learning - Working Together

Lovely to see mum and son working together on some maths activities,

whilst developing pencil control!


Home Learning - Making Cakes

Thank you for sharing this cooking activity with us. What a wonderful learning opportunity.

 I can see you had lots of fun, with delicious [edible] results!

Home Learning - Arts and Crafts

Wow! Look how busy the nursery children are, at home.

I love this activity - developing fine motor skills and creativity.

Home Learning - Left to Right Writing Pattern

Lovely to see the nursery children keeping up their learning at home; 

marking-making with glue and felt tip pens.