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St George's Day

Today we celebrated St George's Day, by coming to school dressed in red, white and blue.  We learnt about the story of Saint George and the Dragon and how this special day is celebrated in England.During our independent time we created English flags using paint, pencils and tissue paper. We also coloured in our own dragons and made our own shields just like Saint George.
This afternoon we were then treated to an English Afternoon Tea to celebrate St Georges Day. We had juice and cake and sat together at our tables.

Spring Walk

This week in our adult led topic sessions we are learning about all things spring. To begin the week we learnt about the different seasons and the months that are in spring. We learnt about the changes that happen in springtime such as new life, flowers coming up, leaves and blossom growing on the trees and lots of birds returning from warmer countries.
We then went for a spring walk around school to see what signs of spring we could see, once back in class we completed a checklist and discussed what we had seen on our walk.

Home Learning - Tapestry


Please check the Tapestry online learning journal everyday for additional home learning activities and videos.


If you need any help logging in please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss O'Reilly

Home Learning - Screen Free

Screen Free - Home Learning


Dear Parents/Carers

I know that a lot of the activities and work I have been setting involve using a screen (Ipad,tablet,computer,phone) and I also know that it can be hard if you have other people or children in the house that all need to use these screens. A big part of reception is learning through a variety of ways including play! I have attached 20 ideas for screen free activities which will help support your child's development in all areas of the eyfs: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal Social and Emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and expressive arts and design.
Just because they are not sat down 'doing work' does not mean they are not learning and developing.

Any time spent communicating with you is valuable to their development. You are all doing so well!
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss O'Reilly

Learning through Play

As I have previously mentioned children learn through a variety of different ways including play!
Here are some videos for you to watch that includes ideas for learning at home.


Learning Through Play - film series of activities for early years children at home

I am excited to share a series of short educational films ‘Learning Through Play’ that showcase 20 activities that parents can do cheaply and easily at home with their early years children. The films are translated into Sylheti, Urdu, Polish and Somali and are part of our Schools with Roots project. 

Home learning activities

Welcome to Reception


I am Miss O’Reilly and am delighted to be teaching Reception this year.

The children have had a wonderful first term and we are all looking forward to seeing them progress through the rest of the year. 

In our class we are supported by Mrs Bliss and Mrs Folliard. 

This term our topic is Helpful Heroes.

We have P.E with Mr T on Tuesday mornings.

In order to support your child at home with their learning please encourage them to:

  • Read with your child as much as possible, sharing stories is a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading. 
  • Check our Tapestry online learning journal as often as possible, this will show you all of the wonderful learning your child has been doing and enable you to ask them about it! Engage your child in conversation with "I saw a photo of you doing...", this
  • will help support your child's communication and language development. 


Here is all the exciting things we will be doing this half term: 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

We will be continuing with our weekly Jigsaw PSHE sessions. Alongside this we will be thinking about how we can be helpful and making Make badges for being helpful (Daily helpful heroes),we  will be exploring our finger prints and how we are unique. We will also be thinking about what we aspire to be.


Communication and language

We will be making our own books about people who help us and sharing our knowledge of helpful Heroes, we will taking on a role in our learning and play.  We will be taking part in Helicopter story sessions and we will become part of Welcomm groups. 


Physical development

We will be taking part in weekly P.E sessions with Mr T alongside this we will be learning how to look after our mouths and teeth, We will be learning about the role of doctors and nurses and creating a poster on how to stay healthy



We will be taking part in a daily busy fingers session – name and handwriting practice  In our RWI daily sessions we will be learning to blend sounds together to read words. We will be practising our speed sounds daily. We will also be exploring non-fiction books and making thank you cards for people who help us. Alongside this we will be using our writing skills to write labels for models we have created, writing police reports and wanted posters. 



In our daily maths sessions we will be sorting objects into groups according to different criteria  and comparing sets of objects, more less equal to. We will also be finding one more and one less than a given number and  sequencing familiar events such as their day and  story events. We will also begin to look at measuring short periods of time, whilst becoming familiar with days of the week and months of the year. 


Understanding the world

In our afternoon topic sessions we will be finding out information about doctors, how  they help us. We will be understanding different occupations and how they help us including understanding the role of Emergency services. Towards the end of this half term we will also be exploring Chinese new year, learning about how and why it is celebrated. 

We will also continue our weekly Discovery R.E sessions. 


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be getting creative this half term starting with using a variety of resources and techniques to create emergency service vehicles models. We also will be taking on a role in our play. We will be exploring new resources and techniques to create a Chinese new year dragon and a valentines day card. We will be using different materials and scissors skills to create my own detectives badge.


Please check our class page regularly as we will be updating it with all our wonderful learning!



This week we are exploring the Jewish Festival of Lights; Hannukah. We listened to the story of the Hannukah and learnt that it is celebrated by lighting 9 candles on a menorah. To celebrate the Festival of Lights we played a find the light game. We all sat in a circle and turned off the lights, we then took it in turns to hide a torch whilst we all sang "can you find our little light, like a menorah shining bright". Someone then searched for the torch in the classroom. During our independent time we all chose a different way to create a menorah, we used cutting, sticking, painting, colouring and even Lego.


This week we are continuing to explore festivals of light. In our topic lesson this afternoon we learnt about the Christian tradition of Christingle. We learnt that Christingles are traditionally made during advent for a children's service at church. We explored the meaning behind each part of the Christingle; the orange representing the world, the red ribbon representing gods love, the cocktail sticks and fruit representing the four seasons and the candle as Jesus.
We all had a go at making our own Christingle for us to take home and light with our families.

Making gingerbread

As our gingebread man had ran away we decided to make some gingerbread friends in the hope he would come back!
As a class we followed the recipe and weighed out the ingredients before mixing them together. We also took it in turns to smell the spices ginger and cinnamon. Once the dough was ready we cut out our gingerbread men before Miss O'Reilly cooked them.
On Friday we used icing pens and decorations to decorate them.

The Gingerbread Man

This week our focus story is the traditional tale The Gingerbread man. We began the week by sequencing the characters from the story as a class, thinking about who came 1st,2nd ,3rd all the way to the fox at the end of the story. During independent time we took part in lots of gingerbread man themed activities such as gingerbread play dough, creating a bridge for our class gingerbread man and using junk modelling to create a gingerbread house.
On Wednesday morning when we came into school we had couldn't find our gingerbread man anywhere, Miss O'Reilly checked our "class cameras" and we saw our gingerbread man running away! We decided to create wanted posters to put up around the school to make sure everyone knows he is missing. We thought about what he looks like and what reward we go could give.
On Friday when we came back in from lunch we found a clue left by the gingerbread man, we then went on a hunt around the school, finding different clues which led us to different places. We finally found him back in our classroom!

Celebrating Diwali

In Reception we have been celebrating the Hindu festival of lights; Diwali. We began the week by listening to the story of Rama and Sita and then moved on to learn about all the different ways Diwali is celebrated. We used clay to mold our own diya lamps before decorating them with bright colours and patterns. We also practiced our listening skills and followed directions to make Diwali sweets called coconut Barfi. 

Holdbrook Hero Day


Today we all dressed up as real life heroes and thought about what makes a Holdbrook Hero. We even had a go at making our own superhero masks. 

Settling into Reception

The children have settled into Reception wonderfully. We took our first class photo, had lunch in the dining hall and explored lots of areas both inside and out.