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Year 5

Home Learning Friday 26th February 2021


Happy Friday Year 5,


Well done for making it through the first week back to school work and another week of lockdown learning. Not long to go now till you can all be in the classroom together again. 😊 I hope you enjoy your new learning tasks.


Work hard and stay safe,

Miss Stephens






Make sure that you are reading your book of choice for at least 30 minutes. I would like you to focus on predicting today. When you make your predictions remember to use clues from the text to help you and explain why you think something is going to happen using the word because.


Remember to complete your Lexia minutes to reach your target – I will be handing out dojos.


I will also be setting you a comprehension task to complete on purple mash. Make sure you read the chapter carefully before attempting to answer the questions. I am looking to see who is getting 5 out of 5.




Plot point 4!

CGI Animated Short Film: "One Small Step" by TAIKO Studios | CGMeetup - YouTube

Please watch from 1:35 – 2:30 and use this to help you with your sentences.

Learning chunk 2 is quite a tricky one so make sure you follow the guidance carefully. Remember you must include the provided sentences and don’t need to make any changes to them. We will discuss this in more detail on our zoom meeting – make sue you have your pencils and notepads ready to take some notes.



Log in to Letter - Join ( You all should have received an email about this containing the log in details that you need. Select Year 5, select harder words from the tabs on the left hand side of the screen and then you should see a word list. Click on your word of choice and then press play to watch the animation. Please write this word at least 5 times exactly as you see it on your screen. Please practice 3 words a day. Why not try and write 3 sentences including your words of choice - in your neatest handwriting of course!




It is spelling quiz day 😊 In today’s quiz there will be 3 words so I am expecting you to get them all right. I look forward to seeing how you get on. Remember you get a dojo if you get them all correct.







Finding percent of a quantity (


Work through the lesson by watching the video and then completing the independent questions. Don't forget to do the quiz and let me know your score by adding it to the blog. If anything is unclear or you get stuck please don't hesitate to ask me on the blog and I will respond as quickly as I can.


Again, if you would like to do a little extra you can use your CGP Maths workout book completing any work into your red notebook.




Use Numbots and TTRockstars - the links are on the home learning page if you need them. Your log in details will be the same for both apps. If you have forgotten your log in details please ask me and I will look this up for you.


Please complete the questions on the PowerPoint and share your answers to the maths blog.



Today I would like you to add a Viking Longship to the collage background that you created before we broke up for half term.


You can make your longship however you like you might want to print a picture to stick, you might want to draw or paint or you might want to do a collage. The choice is yours.


Think carefully about where you want to position your longship, are you going to do it straight or do you want to make it look like it is crashing through the waves? 


I look forward to seeing your final designs. Remember to send me some pictures.


Welcome to Year 5


I am Miss Stephens and am delighted to be teaching Year 5 this year. The children have all settled in well and are looking forward to the year ahead. In our class we are supported by Miss Hinton and Miss Smith.


Spring Term Learning

This term in English we will be focusing on a variety of sources from different genres and then doing our own independent writing based around this. We will focus on 2 fiction narratives as well as a non - fiction newspaper report and poetry.


  In Maths we will be  continuing with our number work which includes topics such as multiplication, division, word problems, graphs and fractions.


In science our first topic will be Earth and Space, followed by Forces.


In computing  we will be further developing our programming skills to enable us to create our own game 

  and 3D models.


Our topic for this term is called  Raiders and Traders - The Vikings. The main focus will be on the history of the Vikings and there struggle for  the Kingdom of England. We will also touch on Geography elements such as locating Scandinavia on a map and making comparisons with the UK.


In Art the children will be studying a variety of Viking artefacts to enable them to design their own Viking knots  which they will use to create a repeating pattern on fabric. In DT we will focus on moving mechanisms to allow children to create  and evaluate their own moving long ships.


We will be taking part in the PSHCE topics of 'Dreams and Goals' and 'Healthy Me.'


In R.E we are focusing on the beliefs within Sikhism and Christianity.


Year 5 will also be continuing with their French lessons which includes the topics 'All Around Town' and 'On the Move.'


Our music lessons will be linked to the work of Adele before moving on to looking at rap music.


We have P.E with our Sports Coach, Mr. T, every Tuesday.


In order to support your child at home with their learning please encourage them to:


  • Be responsible readers and read every night for at least 20 minutes. This should be recorded in reading records every day either by an adult's signature or with a comment from the child about what they have read.
  • Complete all the home learning tasks set
  • Learn Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 statutory spelling lists (copies are in their reading records)
  • Learn their times tables up to 12x12 by using times table Rockstars
  • Complete their Lexia minutes


All of the curriculum information can be found on the curriculum page on the website. If you would like to speak to me about your child's learning please contact the office and I will be in contact. Please check the website regularly as we will be updating it with all of the wonderful learning that has been taking place.

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