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Art and Design

Our Art Curriculum has been designed as a spiral curriculum with the following principles in mind:  


Cyclical:  Pupils return to the same skills again and again during their time in primary school.  

Increasing Depth:  Each time a skills is revisited it is covered with greater complexity.  

Prior Knowledge:  Upon returning to a skill, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build upon previous foundations, rather than starting again.  


Within each year the children will develop clear skills and progression in 4 core areas.  

  • Drawing 
  • Painting and Mixed Media 
  • Sculpture and 3D
  • Craft and Design 


Each unit of work enables children to build skills and techniques towards exciting outcomes.  


Children will use their sketchbooks to apply skills and knowledge throughout the whole process of creating art, practising techniques learned and developing and evaluating their ideas towards an outcome.