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Year 2

Home Learning Monday 1st March 2021

Hello Year 2,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing you at our Year 2 Zoom meeting today at 10.30. Make sure you are there and ready with a pencil and piece of paper. We will be continuing our poetry unit in English and finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Below you will find your home learning tasks for today. Once you have completed them, you can send them to me using the Year 2 Blogs on Purple Mash.

To find the blogs go to Purple Mash and click on the green globe icon at the top that says sharing. When you click on that you will see a tab called Shared Blogs. Click on that and then you will see 3 blogs-one for English, one for Maths and one for Topic.


When you are in the blog, click on the green box with the + sign. This will give you a post to type into with title box, summary and content sections.

You can type answers into the content section or you can take a photo of your work and attach it using the icon that looks like a picture with a paper clip. I will then be able to see all of your wonderful learning. You can also ask me questions if you are unsure about any of your work. Remember to save!


Have a great day, stay safe,

Mrs Rothery





Please complete comprehension number 9 in your CGP books-called ‘Amy Johnson’ or ‘What is it called?’. Write your answers in your exercise book, take a picture and upload to the English blog or type the answers straight into the contents box.


Access the Oak Academy library here:


Access Oxford Owl ebooks here:


Join us for storytime on Zoom at 2p.m.



Please watch the poetry day 4 video in the English blog on Purple Mash. Follow the instructions for each chunk of writing and pause the video so you can do your writing when I tell you to. Remember to use the correct spellings and punctuation for each and your best handwriting. There is a copy of the powerpoint below is you cannot access the internet. Take a photo of your writing and upload it to the English blog.


See the video in the English blog on Purple Mash from Mrs Mayes.





Follow these instructions using positional language to draw a picture.

  1. In the middle of your page draw a tree
  2. In the tree draw 5 apples
  3. Under the tree draw a cat
  4. Next to the cat draw a basket
  5. To the left of the basket draw a cup
  6. Above the tree draw a bird
  7. In between the bird and the tree draw a bee
  8. On the right hand side of the page draw a dog

Take a photo of your picture and upload it to the Maths blog on Purple Mash or email it to the Year 2 email.



Today we are going to find out about fractions. Click on the link below to find an Oak Academy lesson about ‘Finding a quarter of a quantity’. Watch the video, pausing when it asks, complete the worksheet/quiz and write your answers in your exercise book, take a photo and upload to the maths blog or type your answers straight into the contents box.





Watch the Castles video on the Topic blog on Purple Mash-lesson 5. Read the information in the documents below about ‘Why was the poll tax created?’ and ‘How were taxes in medieval times spent?’


In your exercise book make 3 lists.

  1. How tax was spent in medieval times
  2. How tax is spent now
  3. What you would spend taxes on

Take a photo of your work and upload it to the Topic blog on Purple Mash or email it to There is a copy of the powerpoint below if you cannot access the video.


Click on the link to complete a Joe Wicks PE session.



We are continuing with our series of cooking activities that you can try at home so that our D.T. learning can continue. You can do this on any day this week or at the weekend. This week our ingredient is pasta. Please see the below for further details. Take a photo of your creations and upload it the Topic blog on Purple Mash.

Welcome to Year 2

I am Mrs Rothery and am delighted to be teaching Year 2 this year.

In our class we are supported by Miss Simpson. Mrs Mayes will also be teaching our class on a Thursday.

This term we will be learning about A Knight’s Tale and All Around the World.

We have P.E on Monday and Thursday.


In order to support your child at home with their learning please encourage them to:  

  • Be responsible readers and read every night
  • Bring their book bag every day and write (with support) in their reading record
  • Organise their belongings so that they are ready to learn
  • Complete all the home learning tasks set
  • Learn Year 1/2 statutory spelling lists
  • Practise their real and alien words ready for the Phonics test
  • Complete their Numbots time
  • Practise their lovely leads in their handwriting
  • Talk about what they have been learning each day in school
  • Practising quick recall of number facts such as doubles and halves, number bonds to 10/20 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Find out some facts about our topics below


This term in English we will be using the books ‘George and the Dragon’ and ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ as a focus for our writing along with writing instructions about ‘How to make a bird feeder’. We will also be increasing our range of vocabulary and using it in our poetry. We will be using the Writing Rainbow to secure and build on our basic sentence structure (capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, making sense, using our sounds to spell). For instructions we will be using bossy (imperative) verbs like ‘put’ or ‘cut’. We will continue to practise our handwriting and spelling of Year 1 and 2 common exception words. In Reading we will continue to read individually and as a group, developing our Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining and Sequencing skills.


In Maths we will be covering the topics of Length and Mass, Temperature, Picture Graphs, Word Problems, Money and 2D/3D Shape.


In Science we will be continuing with our topics about Living Things and Local Habitats. Within this topic we will be using the words alive, dead and never alive to sort. We will also look at habitats around the world and food chains. We will then start to find out more about plants, how they grow and what they need to grow.


We will be learning how to make spreadsheets, how to search and how to make pictures in Computing


Our History and Geography topics this term are looking at Castles in the UK and studying the seven continents of the world.


In Art and D.T the children will be using a range of techniques and materials to make a castle structure. We will also be learning about the work of Tara Pappas.


We will be learning about our Dreams and Goals and Healthy Me in PSHE.


In R.E. we will be asking ‘Does praying at regular intervals help a Muslim in his/her life?’ and ‘How important is it to Christians that Jesus came back to life after the crucifixion?’ We will also be catching up on our Year 1 learning about Judaism.


We will also be studying the units ‘I wanna play in a band’ and ‘Zootime’, using our voices and instruments in Music and practising our invasion game skills and yoga in P.E.


All of the curriculum information can be found on the curriculum page on the website. 

If you would like to speak to me about your child’s learning please contact the office and I will be in contact. 

Please check the website regularly as we will be updating it with all of the wonderful learning that has been taking place. 

Home Learning Project

Spring  1

Project 1:

History /Castles

Design and draw or make your own castle. Decide who might live in your castle. Maybe you could have some mythical beasts like a dragon or a phoenix.

Project 2:

Science/ Habitats

Draw pictures of animals and their homes. Write about  why animals live in particular places.

Project 3:

Art and RE/ Islamic Geometric Art:

Have a try-use any colours and a plate for the circle.

These are due on February 10th

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