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I am Miss Greene and I am delighted to be teaching Nursery this year.

In our class we are supported by Miss Wray and Miss Connolly.

We work as a team and we would like to welcome you (Parents/Carers) to join us,

to work in partnership, to ensure your child reaches their full potential.


This term our topic is PEOPLE WHO HELP US.

We will be looking at a variety of people who help us including nurses, doctors,

paramedics, dentists, police, firefighters, farmers, teachers, etc.

We will be exploring the Nursery environment both in and outdoors

whilst learning (reinforcing) the basic nursery expectations.


In nursery we look after our classroom remembering to...

'Choose It, Use It and Put It Away'

and we look after our friends by using kind hands and kind words.


After half term our topic is WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT.

In this topic we will be looking at the book by Michael Rosen in depth: 

Long, wavy grass - swishy swashy...

A deep, cold river - splash, splosh...

Thick, oozy mud - squelch, squerch...

A big, dark forest - stumble, trip...

A swirling, whirling snow storm - hoooo, woooo...

A narrow, gloomy cave -  tip-toe, tip-toe...


We will also look at prepositions of place - OVER and UNDER.

We will celebrate festivals such as Chinese New Year and St Patrick's Day

We will continue to learn both in and outdoors, looking at Spring

and the changes in the seasons. 


Please look at Tapestry regularly and 

Please click on the 1st star below


to view a sample of some of our exciting activities... 



In order to support your child at home, with their learning and development, please encourage:

  • Speaking and Listening– Two way communication is so important in the early years. Ask questions about your child's morning in Nursery (use Tapestry to prompt discussions). Give your child plenty of time to think and answer.
  • Turn taking and sharing– Play games which require taking turns and sharing.
  • Reading– Look at books together and discuss the pictures. Let your child tell you the story, through the pictures. Read books regularly (bed-time story) and repeat stories. Repetition is key to learning at this early stage.
  • Counting and number recognition– Count objects and actions (e.g. going up/down the stairs). Look at numbers in the environment (e.g when shopping, when walking home – on front doors, car number-plates, etc).
  • Sing nursery rhymes– (Use YouTube if you are not sure of the words)


If you would like to speak to me I am available before or after

school most mornings. Please contact the office to make an appointment.


Nursery Classroom Environment