HoldbrookPrimary School and Nursery

'Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve'

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Our Vision & Ethos

Vision Statement

At Holdbrook we aim for our children to develop a love of learning and become lifelong learners. We want our children to achieve their best and be happy confident members of the school community and wider society.


The Intention of our Curriculum

In order to achieve this, our curriculum at Holdbrook is categorised into 3 key areas of learning.


Academic Learning

Our children will:

  • Develop excellent basic skills in reading, writing, maths and computing ensuring our children are well prepared for their future.
  • Develop good communication and language skills.
  • Be exposed to rich language and vocabulary.


World Learning

Our children will:

  • Have a broad and balanced curriculum. They will have clear knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
  • Have opportunities to develop key skills within each subject allowing them to become young: scientists, historians, artists, designers, athletes, explorers, geographers, archaeologists, philosophers & musicians.


Personal and Social Learning

Our children will:

  • Be happy, safe, healthy, confident and well-rounded citizens.
  • Show respect and tolerance for others, celebrating our differences and our individuality.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  • Find fulfilment in the friendships and experiences offered at Holdbrook.
  • Be resilient problem solvers.
  • Have goals and ambitions for their future.
  • Develop respect for the environment and the wider world.


Our children will also:

  • Have opportunities to discover, develop and nurture their own talents and interests.
  • Have a wealth of memorable and engaging experiences in and out of the classroom.