HoldbrookPrimary School and Nursery

'Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve'

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Our Staff


Miss C Angeli                                          Headteacher / DSP / Music Lead
Miss E Milliams

Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Teacher / Maths Lead / Deputy DSP

Mrs S Pattrick

Leader of Learning Responsible for Inclusion -

SENCO / Deputy DSP

Mrs V Rothery

Leader of Learning Responsible for EYFS and KS1-

Year 2 Teacher / English Lead / Deputy DSP


Miss A Nicolaou

Year 6 Teacher

Miss E Milliams Year 5 Teacher/ Maths Lead / Deputy DSP /

Deputy Headteacher

Mr M Fitzgerald Year 4 Teacher / Computing Lead
Mrs J Downey Year 3 Teacher / Science & DT Lead
Mrs V Rothery

Year 2 Teacher / English Lead / Deputy DSP /

Leader of Learning Responsible for EYFS & KS1

Miss L Bell Year 1 Teacher / Phonics Lead
Miss E O'Reilly Reception Teacher / Geography Lead
Miss T Greene Nursery Teacher / PE Lead
Mrs F Folliard PPA Cover Teacher / MFL Lead
Mr S Tucker PPA Cover Teacher / RE & PSCHE Lead
Mrs A Mayes Intervention Teacher / Art & Design Lead
Miss C Stephens Maternity Leave / History Lead


Mrs D Stainton Office Manager     
Ms B Englefield Admin Assistant
Mrs J Cooper                              

Attendance & Admissions Administrator

Mrs F Santos                                          

Admin Assistant / Speech & Language Support

Ms S Bull Parent Liaison & Pupil Support Worker
Miss H Wray Nursery Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Bliss Reception Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Watson Reception Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Simpson  Year 1 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Moore Year 1 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Brock Year 2 Learning Support Assistant
Miss R Smith  Year 3 Learning Support Assistant
Miss G Terry Year 4 Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs K Ramthor  Year 5 Teaching Support Assistant
Miss R Joy Year 6 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Tosun Bilingual Learning Support Assistant
Miss J Hinton SEN Learning Support Assistant
Miss M Knox Extended Day Playleader
Mrs S Mahon Lee Extended Day Playleader
Mr G Catarinicchia

Site Manager

Mr S Bowles


Mrs P Howe Cleaner
Miss L Wilmshurst Cleaner